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Earths Final Days: Essays in Apocalypse III

Foreshocks of Antichrist

Magog Invasion

Steeling the Mind of America


Way of Agape

When the Chips are Down

Andreae's life, world view, & relations with Rosicrucianism

Christianity for the Tough Minded

Christians in the Public Square: Law, Gospel, and Public..

Chytraeus on Sacrifice: A Reformation Treatise in Biblical

Crisis in Lutheran Theology

Cross & Crucible: JV Andreae Phoenix of the Theologians

Demon Possession: A Medical, Historical, Anthropological

Evidence for Faith: Deciding the God Question

Faith Founded on Fact: Essays in Evidential Apologetics

Giant in Chains: China Today and Tomorrow

God's Inerrant Word: An International Symposium on..

History and Christianity

How Do We Know There Is a God?

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