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The Velveteen Rabbit Photograph Album

The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit : And Other Favorite Stories

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat"

Treasury of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

5 Minute Barnyard Tales for Bedtime : More Than 90 Delightful Stories for Young Children

Identifying Barbie Dolls : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier

Teapots : The Collector's Guide

Fountain Pens : A Collector's Guide

Bakelite Style

Antique Silver : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier (Identifying)

Masterpieces from the House of Faberge

Bakelite Jewelry

Identifying Wristwatches

Radios : The Golden Age

Identifying Coca-Cola Collectibles

Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia [UNABRIDGED]

Vintage Jukeboxes

Fantastic Plastic : The Kitsch Collector's Guide

Formal Country

Emeralds : Are a Girl's Best Friend

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