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Indonesian Accents : Architecture, Interior Design, Art

Islam : Early Architecture from Baghdad to Jerusalem and Cordoba (World Architecture)

Bali Modern : The Art of Tropical Living

The Forbidden City : Center of Imperial China (Discoveries)

The Royal Palaces of India

Fumihiko Maki : Buildings and Projects

Arata Isozaki : Four Decades of Architecture

What Is Japanese Architecture?

Wood and Wood Joints : Building Traditions of Europe and Japan

Resorts of the Raj : Hill Stations of India

Tokyo : A Guide to Recent Architecture

India Modern: Traditional and Contemporary Design

The Garden As Architecture : Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China, and Korea


Indiamodern : Traditional Forms and Contemporary Design

Private Hong Kong : Where East Meets West

Tropical Paradises : Lifestyle Resorts of Asia

From Shinto to Ando : Studies in Architectural Anthropology in Japan

The Asian House

Church on the Water and Church of the Light: Hokkaido, Japan 1988 and Osaka, Japan 1989 Tadao Ando

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